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There is nothing like a day on the river and White River trout fishing is good all year long.


At Blue Heron you can schedule a guided fishing trip, rent a canoe or kayak, or take advantage of our easy access to the water's edge by angling from the bank or wading.


Because White River waters are constantly fluctuating, it is very important to stay alert to changes in the water. Water can rise very quickly and become a hazard to anyone who has chosen to venture away from the bank. Wearing life jackets is important.


Contact us to arrange a custom half-day or full day guided float trip with a professional licensed guide.​

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1/2 Day

Full Day

2 ppl



3 ppl




1/2 Day

Full Day

2 ppl





Blue Heron Campground has canoes and kayaks available for day use. They are great for enjoying the day with a small group or just the two of you. Complete the experience with a picnic lunch from one of the local restaurants to enjoy at the pavilion or on the beautiful grounds. Any time of year is lovely at Blue Heron on the White River.

Water Paddles


1st = $30, 2nd - 4th = $25, 5th & up = $20


1st = $40, 2nd - 4th = $30, 5th & up = $25


Shuttle fees

Wildcat Shoals = $8/person

Rim Shoals = $8/person

Cotter = $5/person