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Originally from the Kansas City area, the Leiboults now enjoy living and raising their family in beautiful Buffalo City Arkansas. They have five children (four boys and a girl), all of whom enjoy the great outdoors just as much as mom and dad. The Leiboult’s place a high priority on family values and as followers of Jesus Christ, strive to conduct themselves and their business in a manner that would honor God. Owning a campground and RV park is hard work and can mean long days/nights, but they have found that working together helps to strengthen their family while making everyone’s job a little easier. When they’re not working, they enjoy fishing (yes, they’re usually out on the rivers at least once a week), hunting, hiking, and boating on the area lakes. The Leiboult family is honored to be a part of the continuing legacy of the Blue Heron Campground and is eager to provide you with an unforgettable experience on the banks of the White River!




I grew up in a small town outside of Nashville, TN. This is where I developed a love for the great
outdoors and everything it has to offer. I like to hike, hunt, fish, and explore new areas. I have 3 boys, a 30 year old and 26 year old twins, who were born in central Arkansas on my birthday. In an effort to
simplify my life, I made an extreme life change and left my successful business career in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I sold everything I owned, packed up my truck and Dog, and started driving… eventually landing in the scenic Mountain Home area. As I was exploring the sights, I came across the Blue Heron Campground. After meeting the owners and experiencing the majestic White River, I realized this was the place for me. I started working here in 2017 and have no intensions of ever leaving. My favorite part of the job is meeting people and having the opportunity to form lasting relationships as they come back to enjoy our park year after year.

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